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We were established as the Schools Provident Fund in 1958 to meet the need for development in Catholic Schools for the Church in Tasmania, by providing long term financing arrangements. We celebrated 60 years of co-operative partnership with the Catholic people of Tasmania in 2018.

In 1998 we changed our name to the Catholic Development Fund, Tasmania. This reflects the much broader range of Church activities and development that the Fund has been involved with in recent years.


The Catholic Development Fund (CDF) provides a treasury function that services and supports Catholic Education Tasmania, Parishes, Welfare agencies, Affordable Housing organisations, Aged Care facilities and many other Catholic entities.

Facilities we provide include:

  • Transaction banking services.
  • Loans for capital projects.
  • Loans for working capital.
  • Corporate Credit Cards.
  • Online banking services.
  • EFTPOS and donation facilities.

Through this collective approach, our clients are contributing to the ongoing work of the Catholic Church here in Tasmania.

Mission Statement & Values

Mission Statement

  1. To advance the mission of the Catholic Church in Tasmania by providing a source of finance and credit for capital and other expenditures in the work of the Church primarily within the Archdiocese of Hobart.
  2. To assist in the provision of better financial management of the investments and assets of the Archdiocese, parishes and other church entities.
  3. To provide a means of promoting the charitable and educational activities of the Archdiocese.

Core Values

  • Respect – for All.
  • Integrity – In what we do.
  • Customer Focus – In our approach.
  • Excellence – In all that we undertake.

CDF Board Members

Jeremy Ayliff
Chris Ryan
Board Member (ex officio)
Calum Frame
Board Member
Anne Rybak
Board Member
Dan Morgan
Board Member
Narelle Green
Board Member