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Term Investment 

This is the account you should use if you do not require immediate access to your money for a specific period and wish to take advantage of a higher rate of interest.

While invested with the CDF you know that not only will it receive a competitive interest rate but also the Funds are working for the Tasmanian community through the Catholic Church.

For investments of less than six months interest is paid on maturity. For deposits made for periods of six months or more interest is paid half yearly. Interest rates vary depending on the term of the investment.
Interest earned on the Term Investments can be:

  • Compounded (paid back into the term investment) or,
  • Paid by cheque and sent to directly to you , or
  • The interest can be credited directly to an account nominated by you either with the CDF or any other

To obtain a Term Investment application form click here
To find out what our current interest rates are, please contact us on
03 6208 6260.