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'Every Catholic School and Parish in Tasmania has received loan assistance from the Catholic Development Fund!!'


We were established as the Schools Provident Fund in 1958 to meet the need for development in Catholic Schools for the Church in Tasmania, by providing long term, low-interest loans. We celebrated 50 years of co-operative partnership with the Catholic people of Tasmania on the 15th August 2008.

In 1998 we changed our name to the Catholic Development Fund, Tasmania. This reflects the much broader range of Church activities and development that the Fund has been involved with in recent years.



The Catholic Development Fund (CDF) provides a corporate treasury function that services and supports Catholic Schools, Colleges and the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office together with Parishes, Welfare agencies, Aged Care facilities and many other church organisations such as the Catholic Women's league and Parents and Friends Associations.
Facilities we provide include: Business Cheques, Business Loans, Corporate Business Cards, B-Pay & EFTPOS.

Through this collective approach, business clients are contributing to the ongoing work of the Catholic Church here in Tasmania. Please see our Mission Statement.


Security of CDF

The CDF is not subject to the normal requirements to have a prospectus and trust deed under Corporations Law and has not been examined or been approved by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). However, a CDF deposit or investment is designed for those persons who wish to promote the educational and other activities of the Catholic Community, and for whom the consideration of profit is not of primary relevance in their investment decision. Your deposit/investment is guaranteed by the Catholic Archdiocese of Hobart through CDPF Limited which is a company established by the Australian Catholics Bishop's Conference.

Clients are reminded to lodge a tax file number or exemption. Please note that it is not against the law if you choose not to give your tax file number or exemption, but tax will be deducted from your accounts and forwarded to the Australian Taxation Office.